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Updated: Mar 10

We have returned from our time in Canada and are full swing into MLK Church life, although things are quite different here from when we left.  The mass exodus which started in late July has become almost an evacuation of the majority of French people leaving Paris and vacationing elsewhere for the last two weeks of August.

Central Paris is strangely quiet, filled only with multiple foreign languages from the many tourists.  

What a delight to hear English spoken in the streets of Paris!  

This is the time to go to the Museums and do a bit of" touristy" activity that we haven't had time for in the last 2 years.  (Ok, so only Debbie is going to the Museums - Warren continues to cut down trees)

The church numbers are down as usual in the summer months so we are back to 3 services instead of 5.  

We must admit that the weekends are not as exhausting as they were...but... September is approaching.  Last week we asked how many people where there for the first time and we have over 200+ people stand up.  Incredible.  

It's been a full on 2 years here in France for us, and we must admit that it is starting to catch up with us as we are feeling physically and emotionally weary.  

Being back in Canada only reminded us of all that we have left behind, and while we are sure of our call here to France we are experiencing the reality of the costs of serving overseas.

What has been strangely comforting is reading a Missionary book called "No Sacrifice Too Great" by Ruth Presswood Hutchins who served as a missionary to the Borneo (Kalimantan, Indonesia) people just before WWII.

Somehow it gives perspective and inspires faith to see the tremendous challenges others face and come through with God's help. Our struggles are nothing like what these dear people went through, however belittling our suffering and trying to deny it is an unhealthy way of living that can lead to a joyless life.   

It is times like this that we turn to God for help and strength and to the love and prayers of the people who support us.  Thank you for all you do for us.  Bless you.  



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