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Are you kinder to your four-footed friends than you are to yourself?

Guess what? I (Debbie) just painted my first painting here in France and it is called Putting Down Roots. It was a long time in coming (over a year since I was able to pick up my paint brushes) and well overdue.

In fact, it took a lovely visit from some very dear friends to point out that I was not doing all that God created me to do by putting aside my painting until our lives were more in order. And the amazing thing is that since I started painting, I do feel that my life is getting in order.

I'm not called just to be a hard working church planter but I'm embracing my new name of "Creator of Beauty".

I've yet to realize the "beauty" in administrative work, but I have recognized my need to express God's beauty in creative ways to be healthy and balanced.

Warren is finding his balance in cutting down trees. Can you believe it? God provided lots of trees and rocks for Warren to landscape (one his his favourite things to do) in the middle of the city, 20 minutes from the center of Paris! Wow!

Can anyone relate to having your joy robbed because you work too hard? Are you kind enough to yourself to pursue the things you love to balance your day to day work? How do you be kind to your two-footed self?

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