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We are on to the next big adventure: the Call to Paris, France! As appointed international workers, we are tasked with building an English speaking international church in partnership with a thriving French speaking international church.

Our departure has been delayed due to COVID-19 so we have started learning French while considering the costs of moving overseas. To be very vulnerable, they seem very large, indeed.

I recently found myself asking some really tough heart questions:

Do I really want to be learning a new language at 58? Do I want to leave my children, my grandchildren, and all my dear friends and family? Do I want to be on the other side of the world while my parents age? Do I want to take a job where we need to depend on God each day for our daily bread during the years where we “should” be building our retirement nest egg? Do I want to speed up while my colleagues are gearing down for retirement? Do I want to start life from scratch again: a new home, new friends, new job, start my art business (again) in a new country, all in a new language?

In my gut I heard a resounding, “No, no, no!”

Then I heard my Father’s voice, kind and compassionate as always, and with no condemnation, assure me that all these things were good and worthy desires; to be close to family and to enjoy the blessings of life in Canada.

Then He gently asked me, “But do you want what I want for you more than these? Do you want to follow the greatest path I have planned for you? The one that will bring me glory, your ultimate fulfillment and growth, and will have an eternal reward?”

My hearts’ immediate reply was, “Yes, yes, yes!”

What we have come to realize is that to go to France as an obligation would lead to resentment for all that we would have given up.

But, being convinced of our Father’s sure calling, we are compelled by a loving and trusting relationship to follow our good, good Father who loves us and knows the best way for us and our family. That is what we desire most of all.

The Call makes all the difference.

It puts into perspective all our other heart’s desires. We can trust God in this because He has an awesome track record of faithfulness! Suddenly, all those hard things appear a little lighter with the perspective of the Call.

The Call simplifies life and gives purpose to the hard things. It gives hope for the outcome. It gives perseverance through the challenges and it brings a growth of character that we believe could not be attained any other way.

We can find contentment because we trust the One who has been so faithful in the past as we have followed the Call to Indonesia, Kuwait, and then back to Canada to care for an aging parent.

While the things that we have been called to may seem glamorous, they are no more important than your Call to that trust and faith relationship with your Creator; your Call to follow the Masters’ unique plan and calling for your life.

Is it scary? Yes. Does it involve sacrifice? Probably. Will it work all things for your good and for the glory of God? Yes, yes, yes! So, what are you waiting for? Are you ready to follow the Call?


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