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Updated: Jan 17, 2022

I have this thing for dishes. In some ways the dishes we’ve had over the years chronicle life's journey. There was our very first se of brown stoneware that I bought after we were engaged and then our wedding choice of fine bone china that was so thrilling to pick out. There was that Corningware with the colourful pansies that we bought in Pennsylvania after we had our first child. Which by the way, is still going strong after 30 years – it’s indestructible. My all-time favourite was the pastel flowered dish set I bought in Indonesia, big and heavy with lovely curves. This was followed by an indulgent Christmas set justified by Christmas money. Did I say I had a thing for dishes? From that Indonesian set I have a favourite cup. It is just the right weight. The handle just fits so comfortably. It has the perfect lip for drinking, plus it is just so pretty. I love that cup. When I was packing up for France the first time (since unpacked and soon to be pack again) I decided that my favourite dish set was just too heavy and bulky to bring to France with its limited space and storage. I grieved leaving my beloved cups behind until Warren suggested that I bring a couple of cups with us. Problem solved. And then I fell in love with a beautiful set of more compact dishes with gorgeous turquoise and pink watercolour flowers. (I have a thing for watercolor too) Much to my husbands’ exasperation with my “thing for dishes”, I purchased an 8 piece setting to take to Paris. And you know what? I like these cups even more!

Why am I going on about dishware? I’ve lost the men already. Well, there is a point. In my time with God recently we had a bit of a struggle with me surrendering everything that

I would be leaving behind in Canada. And then God reminded me of my favorite cup. “You know that cup that you love so much, the one that is chipped and stained from 20 years

of coffee? Now think of your new cup, so shiny and clean, with a different lip and shape, and

those lovely watercolor flowers? If you didn’t give up the old, you would never experience

the beauty of the new.” It was then that I realized that if I choose to remain where it was comfortable, known, and

well loved, I would never experience all the wonderful new things and experiences that God

has instore for me. I will still bring that old coffee cup with me, but somehow it doesn’t seem so terribly

important anymore. Just think of all the new cups of coffee we will experience sitting in little street cafés,

meeting with new people and telling them about how absolutely wonderful their Heavenly

Father is. How awesome is that?

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