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We call this the “God House” because the journey we have travelled with it has included many years of waiting, longing, digging, tearing down, restoring, reconstructing, severing, redoing, hard labour, and so many blessings of friends and family gatherings, holidays, a home for others and rental income. This house has been God’s extraordinary provision far exceeding anything we could have imagined or hoped for. THE JOURNEY

  • The longing & prayer for a "home" while in Indonesia

  • Searching for a place the kids could acclimatize to Canada

  • Internet find, sight unseen purchase, Debbie’s Birthday May 24/03

  • A reduction in price due to a previous offering falling through

  • Another reduction because a tree had fallen through the roof

  • Start up funds provided to help reduce future payments

  • Waiting 2 years to finally see it

  • Family/friends who tore down/cleaned up a "fixer upper"

  • Our 1st return back from Indonesia, the kids learning “hard labour"

  • A church family, summer jobs for kids, a place to belong, to call home

  • A place to store our belongings (much to our parents relief)

  • A carpenters request to live 5 years for renovation remuneration

  • A gift of free labour for a brand-new kitchen

  • Family/friends who worked tirelessly hand digging the basement

  • Gifting our house to friends, newlyweds, pastors, and family

  • Countless overnight guests, amazing gatherings, international visitors

  • A place of rest, comfort, and restoration

  • A mortgage burning ceremony

  • While in Kuwait a prayer to live/enjoy our home for an extended time

  • 66 months to live here including COVID to care for Warren’s Dad

  • A garage renovation into the most beautiful art studio (see photo)

  • Time to sever the property and sell our backyard

  • Time to sell the house at the height of the real estate market

  • Time to release the old to give way to the new

  • Time to grieve the loss of our home that has become part of us and has brought us so much contentment and joy with a wonderful sense of God’s overwhelming blessing into the next season of convergence

  • A view on the first day it was listed and an offer we couldn’t refuse – and they wanted virtually everything we owned in the inside and outside of the house. – Conditionally sold on Mother’s Day.

WHAT A GIFT ... Thank you Jehovah Jireh

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