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We had our last sad goodbye to our lovely Cottage. So many memories and so much of ourselves had been invested in every nook and corner of its renovation. But we are so happy that another young family will enjoy the work of our hands and make their own memories.

So Goodbye Reeve Cottage, Hello New Life.

The recent shedding of our possessions has been an intense challenge and at the same time a weight lifted off our shoulders.

There’s something to be said about reducing all your earthly possessions down to a bedroom sized room. It helps to clarify what is really important in life on earth.

For me (Debbie) it is the things that bring back memories that identify stages in life. We have had so many life changes that it feels like we have lived many lives differentiated by what country we were in. Each picture and item saved is identified with a place and time and awakens memories long forgotten.

That’s me. Warren however doesn’t like to be weighed down by things of the past as it encumbers all the exciting new adventures of the next chapter for him. My adventurer husband could be content living out a paper box and eating canned beans every day.

God knows my love for beauty so He has been very gracious in always giving us something way better than a paper box to live out of.

He has provided for our unique needs and desires in such amazing ways in the past.

However, I have had to make a conscious effort to remind myself of God’s faithfulness as one of my biggest concerns has been our living situation and space for me to continue painting. That’s where trust comes in. We can’t grow in our trust in God unless we have challenges that require trust.

I can finally say that I am starting to get really excited to see what He has for us in Paris. He is so extravagant with His love and provision. He’s got an amazing track record.

So what challenges are you experiencing today that require you to trust God in ways that will grow your faith?

Are you brave enough to trust this extravagant God with an absolutely spectacular track record?

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