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It's seems as if it has been a long, dreary winter.  Even though we don't have the cold of North America we have rarely seen the sun in the last two months.  We've had lots of rain and mostly grey skies.  

It's funny how the weather can effect your mood, your motivation, your perspective and the "happy factor".  I found this funny post on Instagram of a duck and a chicken talking; 

Chicken: "I'm just feeling really down these days and I don't know why"

Duck:  "Did you go outside?"

Chicken:  No

"Did you exercise?"


"Did you drink enough water?


"Did you talk to anyone?"


"Did you eat well?"


"Did you limit your scrolling time?"


"Did you make any plans?" 


Did you get enough sleep?".

Chicken: "No...... wait, that is a Yes, Yes to that one"

Duck:   uh...No it's a..what a mystery"

I have been reminded that it is just as important to take care of the body and the soul as it is to take care of the spirit. And that means taking care of ourselves, being kind to ourselves and going on holiday!

What can you do today to take care of your body, soul, and spirit? 

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