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Ok, are you ready for this? Another lock down. Crazy, I know.

But doesn’t that describe our world right now? Crazy.

God has asked us to do some pretty crazy things.

Not quite as crazy as asking Abraham to kill his firstborn son, but crazy, nevertheless.

I’m thinking about the time God called us to Kuwait.

It was just as Taylor was entering grade 12, after spending a really tough year adjusting to life in Canada for grade 11, following 11 years of growing up in Indonesia.

Conventional wisdom would suggest that this was the absolute worst time for us to move our son with us to a new country and new school to start all over again.

But God is in the business of doing crazy things. (Think Easter and Christmas)

In simple trust, believing that God was a better parent to our son than we could ever be, against conventional wisdom, we took Taylor to Kuwait.

It turned out to be the best year of his life. Not only did he fit in like a hand-in -glove, but he also had an immediate connection with the other Third Culture Kids. He excelled in every sport he tried and wound up with Athlete of the Year which was a tremendous boost to his confidence and outlook on life.

We delighted in heaping all our love and attention on our only son, who as the third child had to compete with two bigger sisters!

He was able to travel to multiple countries with his sports team and made memories that has impacted his life in incredible ways.

Most of all he seemed to gain an understanding of how much God loved him and was blessing him, which instilled in him an attitude of gratitude.

The thing we thought would be the absolute worst decision for our son turned out to the be absolute best decision for our son.

Isn’t God just like that? Crazy, I know.

He loves to bless his trusting children with good, things, because He is an extraordinarily, good God.

So what crazy thing is God asking you to do? Can you trust Him for it today?


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