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Lately I’ve been noticing a heaviness. It feels like despondency, wandering in the desert without a destination, lack of motivation, a settling in to “I’m too tired to care”, a kind of hopelessness

Maybe it’s menopause (yes, I am that old), maybe it’s the dead of winter in Canada, but I have a suspicion it has a lot to do with Covid….

Not so much the feeling of being under house arrest, nor retaining a distance of 2 meters from everyone who could be “contaminated”, nor the look in other’s eyes that I might have Cooties, but I believe it has to do with the loss of the ability to plan for the future, to hope for anything, to find excitement in the planning, the loss of looking forward to the next adventure.

I’m the vacation planner in our relationship and I believe I have almost as much fun planning the possibilities as I do actually being on vacation! Take away the possibilities and the vacation seems very flat indeed.

Then I remembered Prov. 29:18 (KJV) “Where there is no Vision the People Perish”. I’ve always interpreted that vision in the spiritual sense, but I wonder if this speaks to our physical and emotional situation today? I thought of the Israelites wandering aimlessly through the desert for 40 years! They probably could relate to that similar heaviness.

And as we’ve discovered that one of the secrets to contentment is changing our perspective, I have begun to change my perspective with these questions:

How can I plan things for the future that I can control?

How can I accomplish the same ends with a different method, pathway or direction?

What can I do today that will prepare me for the future?

What is the silver lining in this limbo-land?

What can I do to take advantage of this time of isolation that will build into the future?

And then an amazing thing happened.

All of the sudden all these ideas came flooding in. My mind started running wild with all the possibilities – completely different solutions I had never considered before.

And then I noticed…I felt lighter. I had excitement and new hope for the future.

Our prayer for you is that you would find your pathway to hope for the future during these challenging times.

Be Blessed.

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